Hanne Rickert

Hanne Rickert

Voice Over Artist

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Specs & Services

  • Broadcast Quality Studio
  • Microphone: Sennheiser Professional MKH 416-P48U3
  • Interface: United Audio
  • Connectivity for Directed Sessions:
  • SourceConnect,, Zoom, Meet, Teams
  • Professional Travel Rig Sponsored by Mic Hero
  • Quick Same Day Turnaround Times

“I recommend anyone who wants a high quality professional sound to contact Hanne’s studio. Always meeting deadlines. We look forward to working with Hanne again soon.”


“Hanne was amazing! So helpful, very professional!”

More About Hanne

Hanne has a genuine and compassionate delivery. She is a linguist, former restaurateur, and entrepreneur who brings her world experience to her narration in commercials, films, e-learning, and audiobooks. Hanne’s voice is a tapestry of inspiration, animation, engagement, friendliness, and authenticity. Her voice has the power to inspire, engage, and connect with audiences on a profound level. Whether she is narrating a commercial, bringing a film to life, or educating through e-learning, Hanne’s voice is a beacon of authenticity and warmth. When she is not behind the mic, you can find Hanne spending time with her family, watching her favorite show, or cooking up a delicious meal.

Hanne Rickert
Hanne Rickert

Environmental Organizations Hanne Supports

This year I plan on giving to a local Houston organization that has a global reach Every Shelter. The phrase “creates home” may seem abstract, but it’s the powerful driving force behind what Every Shelter has set out to accomplish. “Home” isn’t just a place, but a feeling. Home is a sense of belonging and comfort. That is our vision for the future – a future where every refugee creates home for themselves. This empowered state of belonging is something we believe is possible for every refugee.