Kari Swann Kouba

Kari Swann Kouba

Strategic Operations

About Kari

When Kari was two years old she moved with her family to Spain for four years. This early experience sparked her love of learning about cultures, discovering new places, and building connections. Kari’s passion for understanding diverse perspectives led her to pursue a Master’s degree in Cultural Anthropology, further immersing herself in the narratives that make up our world.

Throughout her professional endeavors, Kari has proven herself a versatile asset, navigating roles ranging from orchestrating events within the Oil & Gas industry to spearheading operations and communications in the educational sector. Along this journey, she’s honed a talent for strategic planning, fostering relationships, and maintaining operational excellence. Over the years these pursuits took her from Colorado, to Dubai, to Guatemala, Miami, and Zambia. Her love of being near family brought her back to North Carolina.

As the founder of Swann Consulting LLC, Kari leverages her passion for fostering connections and supporting growth. Whether it’s optimizing operations, crafting effective communication strategies, or fostering growth opportunities, Kari guides clients towards achieving their objectives and realizing the dreams that make them jump out of bed in the morning. And let’s have a blast while doing it.

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Environmental Organizations Kari Supports

Kari’s impact in sustainability has been focused in her community. She supports organizations that prioritize stability, community support, and addressing root causes of family instability. By investing in these efforts, communities can create more resilient and equitable systems that benefit both families and society as a whole.

  • Growing Together Community Garden. Growing Together Community Garden was established in 2019 as a partnership between Crosspointe Church and the Northwest Cary YMCA with the mission to educate, collaborate, and build community through gardening. We employ organic gardening practices and are dedicated to promoting environmental literacy and sustainability, supporting biodiversity and healthy ecosystems, and mitigating local food insecurity. All the food we grow is donated to White Oak Food Pantry.
  • Sustainable & Resilient Cary. The Town of Cary, North Carolina is committed to sustainability. Join us in building a more resilient future through environmental programs, classes, and events such as Nature Preserve Work Days, Good Hope Farm Work Days, Spring Litter Sweep, Wildflower Watering.
  • Family Promise of Wake County. Each year in Wake County, 5,500 individuals experience homelessness, including nearly 4,000 children in Wake County schools who will not have a place to call home at some point during this school year. Family Promise’s mission is to transform the lives of children and families experiencing temporary homelessness by helping them find support services and safe, affordable, permanent housing in our community.
  • Rise Against Hunger. Rise Against Hunger is growing a global movement to end hunger by empowering communities, nourishing lives and responding to emergencies. We target remote, last-mile communities within hunger pockets designated “serious” or higher on the Global Hunger Index, which are the hardest places to reach and are often difficult to access, lack communication and have poor infrastructure. With the support of our global impact partners, we practice locally-led development by providing expertise vital to empower local communities and providing meals through local schools to incentive attendance and enable kids to obtain an education. Our work starts with a meal.
Kari Swann Kouba