Anne Cloud

Anne Cloud

Voice Over Artist

Other things Anne would love to talk to you about: Unschooling Improv Stage Combat The Wheel of the Year The Divine Feminine Midwifery Vegetarian Cooking Romance Novels Composting Toilets

Specs & Services

  • Broadcast Quality Studio
  • Microphone: Sennheiser 416
  • Interface: Universal Apollo Solo
  • Connectivity for Directed Sessions:
  • SourceConnect, SessionLink Pro, Zoom, Meet, Teams
  • Professional Travel Rig
  • Super Speedy Turnaround Times

“I absolutely loved producing you! If you pulled this off in a self directed session, I can’t imagine what you are capable of when directed. You literally brought this script to life!”


“Quick to respond, very professional, reasonably priced, and nailed the voiceover the first go around. Can’t wait to use Anne again in the future!”

More About Anne

Anne Cloud’s career as a voice actor began as she sought a way to make money that was compatible with living in a converted school bus/tiny home and traveling full-time with her family of five. Thanks to her extensive history in acting going back to “The Pirates of the Penzance” in 6th grade, voice acting turned out to be a marvelous fit. Although bus life eventually came to an end, voice acting continues to be Anne’s primary channel for creating deep connections and indulging her passion for storytelling.

Known for her adaptability and being a “delight in the booth,” Anne thrives on collaboration and has been told that she is “infinitely directable” and described as a “gift to all things audio.” While Anne loves working across various genres of voice over including commercial, political, corporate, and radio imaging, her joy truly sparks when working with organizations and projects that resonate with her personal values. Some of the organizations she has had the honor to collaborate with include, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Doctors Without Borders, and the American Red Cross, and American’s For Contraception.

Anne Cloude, Voice Over Artist, and Family
Anne Cloude, Voice Over Artist, and Family

Environmental Organizations Anne Supports

I love that 1% For the Planet has a broad take on what is an environmental organization! My deepest advocacy efforts/focus are in women’s health, reproductive freedom, and food security. As a family we have always been very committed to traditional environmental organizations as well:

  • The Sierra Club is like a guardian of the environment, working to protect our planet’s natural wonders! They’re involved in everything from advocating for clean energy and combating climate change to preserving wildlands and promoting responsible outdoor recreation. Their blend of grassroots activism with legal and political efforts, ensure that environmental concerns are heard loud and clear in public policy debates.
  • MANNA FoodBank plays a crucial role in Western North Carolina, reaching out to tens of thousands of people every month. They collaborate with hundreds of local partner agencies, spanning multiple counties, to ensure that individuals and families in need have access to nutritious food. Their extensive network and tireless efforts mean that countless people across the region rely on them for support, making MANNA FoodBank a vital lifeline in the fight against hunger in Western North Carolina.
  • Bienvenidos Food Bank in Colorado is a response to the challenge of food insecurity in the community. They extend a helping hand to families and individuals by providing access to nutritious food and other essential resources. What sets Bienvenidos apart is their commitment to serving with dignity and respect, ensuring that everyone who comes to them feels welcomed and valued. Their efforts go beyond just food distribution; they are actively involved in empowering and supporting the community.
  • The Union of Concerned Scientists is like the brain trust of the environmental and scientific advocacy world. They bring together experts from diverse fields—think scientists, economists, engineers—to tackle some of the most pressing issues of our time, like climate change, sustainable agriculture, and clean energy. UCS is committed to rigorous, independent science as the foundation for their advocacy. They don’t just highlight problems; they also push for practical solutions, engaging policymakers and the public to create a healthier planet and a safer world.
  • Asheville GreenWorks is the local superhero of environmental stewardship in the Asheville area. They dive into a variety of initiatives, from tree planting and river cleanups to educational programs and waste reduction efforts. Their hands-on approach is all about empowering community members to take care of their own backyard, literally and metaphorically. Whether it’s beautifying urban spaces, preserving natural landscapes, or fostering sustainable practices, Asheville GreenWorks is deeply committed to nurturing a greener, cleaner environment.