Joe Passaro

Joe Passaro

Voice Over Artist

Other fun stuff... Italy! Joe loves the country so much he even has a graduate degree in its history History in general (former history prof up in here!) Travel Languages Poetry Gardening (and the many fallen plants along the way) Frasier

Specs & Services

  • Broadcast Quality Studio
  • Microphones: Townsend Labs Sphere L22, Sennheiser 416
  • Interface: Universal Audio Apollo X Duo
  • Connectivity for Directed Sessions:
  • Source-Connect, SessionLink Pro, Zoom, Meet, Teams
  • Audio Editing and Processing
  • Professional Mobile Studio in Italy
  • Quick Turnaround Times
  • Prompt Communication

“Friendly, flexible, and highly responsible, everything is always on time and neatly delivered with Joe.”


“Joe has an engaging and charismatic voice and an extremely accommodating attitude. The professional voice quality coupled with his fast turnaround time was impressive; couldn’t have asked for more!”

More About Joe

Joe is a bilingual Italian-American voice actor. Clients often describe his voice as youthful, grounded, educated, and approachable. A former educator, he specializes in commercials, corporate and eLearning narration, and his lifelong passion for video games and animation gives him ample energy for any character project.

Joe grew up in both Texas and Italy–two places with few obvious connections. But he quickly learned how to navigate these linguistic and cultural landscapes, taking pride in both of his homes. From an early age Joe absorbed different speech patterns and pronunciations, excelling at foreign languages–he’s studied 8 so far. His love of learning and travel led him to pursue graduate degrees in history, a subject which he has taught at the university-level for 10 years. He thus excels at communicating complex and sophisticated content in a relatable and conversational way.

His passion for the environment has a long history but is currently focused on food production, biodiversity, recycling, and renewable energy. He believes power lies with everyday people and that change happens with everyday choices. Our environmental role as voice actors is to help inspire them to make those choices.

Joe Passara, Professional Voice Over Artist, Voice Over for the Planet
Joe Passara, Professional Voice Over Artist, Voice Over for the Planet

Environmental Organizations Joe Supports

My passion for the environment is currently focused on food production, biodiversity, recycling, and renewable energy.

  • Amazon Watch  – I’ve supported this organization personally for many years. They have helped empower indigenous communities in the Amazon to protect not only their culture and way of life but also the Amazonian rainforest and the unique biodiversity of its biome. I believe this collaborative approach to conservation is crucial to the overall success of any sustainable endeavor.
  • Groundswell International  – Groundswell International is a partnership of local organizations and their network of grassroots community groups. They work in West Africa, the Americas and South Asia. Their programs catalyze the transition from unsustainable agriculture and extractive economies to regenerative, just farming and local food systems. Communities and family farmers improve their wellbeing, produce more abundant and nourishing food in ecologically sustainable ways, increase their incomes, build resilience to climate change, and strengthen local economies and cultures. Food production is at the intersection of culture, economies, and the environment and why Joe is passionate about changing our relationship with food.