Brandon Perry

Brandon Perry

Sound Nectar Studios

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Specs & Services

Sound Nectar Studios is a Specialty Audio Post-House. We Cast, Record, Direct and Edit Voiceover, Clean Up On-Camera Audio, Sound Design and Deliver Final Mixes for All Types of Creative Content.

“Brandon, thank you so much. I absolutely love this. It sounds the best out of all of my projects so thank you for your incredible engineering skills and production skills.”

“Brandon is my go-to sound engineer whenever our commercial or political clients need someone to record the session and/or mix and add music to spots so that they are ready for air. He always makes himself available (even for last minute bookings!) and he gets the work done quickly and efficiently without ever sacrificing quality. We’ve hired him for countless hours of work over the past few years and will continue to use his services whenever the need arises. 10/10 would recommend Brandon and Sound Nectar Studios! He is truly a pleasure to work with!”

More About Brandon

Brandon Perry, Audio Engineer and owner of the audio-post house Sound Nectar Studios, creates creative content for TV, Radio, and Digital Advertising.

With over a decade of Audio Post-Production experience, Brandon has recorded, sound designed, and mixed tens of thousands of commercials and several films.

Most of the year you can find Brandon behind the desk recording and mixing political ads and documentaries concerning social justice.

Environmental Organizations Brandon Supports

Nevada Wildlife Federation

The Nevada Wildlife Federation works toward a Nevada with abundant wildlife freely roaming across a healthy sagebrush-steppe ecosystem, and all Nevadans having equitable access to outdoor opportunities.

Effective Animal Advocacy Fund

The Effective Animal Advocacy Fund directs funding to highly effective organizations working to improve animal welfare.

“Beautiful sound and fast production as always – thanks for jumping in on this Brandon!”