What is a Professional Voice Over Artist?

Professional Voice Over Software Program, Sound Waves on Screen

Or is it professional voice actor? Or professional voiceover actor? Or professional voice-over talent?


We are called by many names because we come from different backgrounds and have entered the industry at different times. However, the key word in all of them is “professional.” This word is what builds trust, reliability, and an easy process.

Here are some key characteristics of a professional voice talent:

1. Acting ability: They can convey emotions, motivations, and personalities solely through their voice to capture the spirit of the script–and often in many ways.

2. Vocal technique: They have a strong command of vocal techniques such as pitch, tone, pacing, and articulation.

3. Directability: They can take direction well and adjust their performance to suit your needs.

4. Professionalism: They meet deadlines, respond promptly, have a high quality recording space and recording equipment, and are an absolute joy to work with.

Some professional voice over artists work with agents and managers, some work on their own, some work on casting sites, and many have found a comfortable relationship working with each of these methods. Ultimately, a professional voice-over actor wants to work the way the client would like to work. We are flexible, accommodating, and seek out long-term relationships with our clients because we are people. And people work together.

This is why we’ve created Voice Over For The Planet: to work together with like-minded people to further environmental sustainability. If you’d like to learn more about how professional we are, feel free to reach out to casting@voiceoverfortheplanet.com with any questions you have, or even find a member that resonates with you here and get to know their unique professionalism in more detail.

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